Blocks - Rename Blocks and Insert Insertion Point

I am starting to grow my block library. Something that would be useful would be a TML to rename blocks. There is no 2 click solution today.

It would also be great to reset the insert point of a block.

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Rename Blocks is possible in one of our commands - I had Peter do that for me a while back - will let you know which one tomorrow

Reset insert point - maybe moving the block data in block editor would do that?

I think if you want tonreset Blocks you basically have to explode and Recreate them with what you want unless Block Edit View allows you to do that.


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Type “RPSAffixname rename” at the command line - this has an extra feature for renaming blocks


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If you move the block content in the Block Edit view, you can reset the origin point - the origin is normally 0,0 in the block, so move the content so that the point you want as the origin is at 0,0

Works like a charm


I need to fuss with this a little more but it seems to be more of a problem if you create a block from entities away from 0,0.

Use 5000,5000 for example.

All of our entities are centered around here. Well when I go to create block I would naturally select the center of blocks as insertion (5000,5000) and then all of my linework (5xxx,5xxx). I agree that once you have this block created you can create and move this linework around in the block editor (very useful) but there is always going to be a reference to 5000,5000. If you shift all of the block linework from 5xxx,5xxx it will shift accordingly but the point of insertion when you insert the block will be 5000 ft in the x and 5000 ft in the y off.

I found this an issue when trying to create objects that you may what to reuse on other projects.

Best workflow I have found is to:

  1. create block
  2. set 0,0 as insert point regardless of linework position
  3. insert block
  4. block editor
  5. take all of the linework from the block at the coordinates it is and shift to 0,0

Manageable just something I noticed.

That’s all that I have found to work with a new insertion point. I do what Alan has mentioned here. I create duplicates but when recreated I label the block according to the insertion point.

this is good to know. I inserted a block i created on another project and the block would be thousands of feet away from the new project i was using at the time.

A few tips on blocks

  1. draw the Block elemants on Layer 0 - then when you place the block on eg Layer Trees the blo k will switch on and off with layer Trees. When you explode the block the lines will.end up on Layer 0. If you want the lines to end up on layer Trees then draw the lines on layer Trees. Provided all the lines are drEn on the same layer then they will.turn on and off with the layer Trees. If you eg draw a trunk on layer Trunk and the canipy on layer trees then both layers need to be on to see the trunk and tree canopy.

  2. set the block origin at the point at which you want the block to be placed ie for the tree use the center of the tree as the block origin, then when you place the block at 2500, 5000 the tree will be at that location.

  3. if you wNt to edit a block definition use the block edit view when you have a block selected (right click menu) this will.allpw you to. Hange the content or colors or layers of the block elements

  4. a block element van be colored by Layer or by block - if you say by block if you change the color of the block those elements of the block set block will take on that color change. If you set by layer then the block will take on the color oc the layer on which the block is placed.

  5. if you change a block in Block edit view - all instances of that block will be changed to the revised definition.

Hope these help