Applying Subgrades With Transitional Depths To Airfield Runways

In the video below we show how to apply a transition subgrade depth between 18" and 23" depth over a transition zone allowing for a concrete thickening to a mid point between 2x 18" thickness areas.

The process uses the
MSI Manager to create the material e.g. Concrete
MSI Manager to define the subgrade site improvements for 23", 18" and Transition depth concrete

Build the surface from the 3D linework
Set the Surface Sharpness property for the lines that define the limits of the thicknesses i.e. the 18" thickness, 23" thickness lines to Sharp and Texture Boundary

Use the Apply Surface Site Improvement command to apply the 18", 23" and Transition Site Improvements

Note that the Transition site improvement needs to be set to 1" thick for it to work - it uses the thickness on either side to define the way that it transitions

Use the Create Subgrade Surface command to create the base of the subgrade surface adjustment

Video shows you how