Alignment + Vertical Table

So, we usually have about 2-4 Farm to Market roads where we have to use the existing CL roadway as a HAL and VAL. The CL is modified to get some kinks out to create the HAL. Now, the VAL is a bit more work. For the vertical i have to go to each point that was shot in the field and make a grade break. To me, it would be so much faster if I could run a station, offset, elevation report and use those stations and elevation to plug into the vertical. Which TBC wont let me do this unless there is any tips anyone has for this. This project is 2 miles long and normaly these jobs are about 6 miles long.

FOUND IT. RPS Command “Edit as Spreadsheet”. This was a big time saver and will be for future projects of this kind.

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The “Edit Alignment as Spreadsheet” command makes editing alignments super easy. I’m not seeing the “station equation tab” though. I have the “show station equation zone” checked, but only see tabs for horizontal and vertical information. Is this true for others?

I can not say for sure. You may have to enter just one dummy equation so the sheet is active to Edit. my TBC license is acting up and I can’t give it a try. The only reason I notice my vertical when I went into edit as spreadsheet was I already had some data in my vertical. So I notice the sheet in edit mode with the vertical name.