Alignment Labels

Is there a way to save an alignment label style and set as default if you want it to come out the same way on separate alignments every time other than making it over and over? and is there a way to show curve data when labeling an alignment?

Once you have the alignment labels set how you like them you can click “set as default.” Then any other alignments you label in that project will have the same properties to start with. If you open your project template and set the alignment settings in there and save it again as a template, then by default all your new projects will use the same default alignment label settings. You can not however save multiple different labeling schemes which is a great source of frustration for me.


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Thank you, that helps a lot, is there any way to label curve data when labeling the alignment?

Not when labeling the alignment Rich - i dont think that the plan and profile sheet layout does that either.

That is something wlse we need to add to our label lines processor.


Ron and I were able to create curve data in label manager but it always writes it curved along the arc, it won’t let us pull it away from the arc or structure it in paragraph form, or add a leader like a normal set of plans might show. Thank you Alan

If you use the Label Tables - you can label the properties of an Arc (all arcs in one table, unless you create arcs on top of the alignment just for labeling purposes, then you can label the Length, Radius, Azimuth, Delta Angle and Tangent Length values of one arc or all arcs of the alignment.

The Label Table does no Label Spirals on Alignments.

This is a specific Labeling Tool that is required that would allow you to define what elements you want to label for Arcs or Spirals and then select the alignment and then click each curve element and place the table manually where you want it. You could add Borders / No Borders and define the Table with a Style for Arcs and Spirals.

We could write a tool to do that I am sure.


Not perfect but these were the steps I took to create these

Note - Only works with Alignments that have Arc and Straight Segments only (not Spirals)

  1. Define a Label table that has the Curve Properties that you want to create in the Table i.e. Radius, Length, Delta, Tangent Length, Azimuth etc.

  2. Use the RPS Convert to Linestring command to convert your HAL to a Linestring (keep the existing HAL also)

  3. Explode the Linestring created in Step 2 using RPS Explode Lines command

  4. Use the Lines Table command to label the Arc segments with a Curve Table - note this is laid out like a spreadsheet as shown below with only one line because you are only labeling one arc with each table.

  5. Size and position the Table as needed.

If you use the Text Command and use Smart Text Codes as shown below, you will get a partial curve table for Arc elements at least as shown in the image below which shows the Table results and the smart text results for one arc - you can then use the same Table or Smart Text to label each arc of the alignment.

R: @<OD,L,SR>@
L: @<OD,L,SL>@
Az: @<OD,L,SB>@

I cannot find a Smart Text Code for Delta or Tangent Length or Spiral Length or Direction etc., however we are wondering if you can create a Smart Text with Math function to do Arc L / Arc R to get the Curve Delta - I will come back if that is possible. You can do it with a Table so I am assuming the values are in the system for an Arc


Hope that this helps