Alignment - horizontal and vertical labels

Is it possible to create labels of vertical data for alignment? TBC create horizontal lables automatically but how to create vertical labels?

Can anyone help me? I need help and information is it possible to do it

That I know of, you can only label in profile view and if I’m right in cross section plan sheet view. In what view do you want to label the VAL in?

I want to label in PLAN view. You are right, in profile view labelling is not a problem.

I don’t believe that this is possible today

I am looking into whether or not there are any Smart Text Codes for Vertical Curve Length and VPI Elevation - they are not listed in the help

You can label the VPI elevation in Profile View (you have to use Northing vs Elevation in that view to extract the Elevation value) and you have to snap to the intersection of the Inbound and Outbound Slope lines, To label the length of the VC in Profile view you can use the Linear Dimension function but in plan view you would just have to use Text and edit the values in by hand as I don’t know of a Smart Text for Vertical Curve Length or Vertical Arc Length or Vertical Arc Radius values.

I will see what we can do here


Ok, I am looking forward for your answer