Adjust Linestring Command/Offset command

I really like to use Adjust Linestring command to elevate models and adjust parking lots. Some upgrades and information would really make this command a one stop shop for elevating. In spot mode if you could edit the last value you just entered with out exiting the command it would really make the process smoother .If you’re elevating a curb line after you have elevated your source line and you offset that line for E.O.P it converts all the 3d points to vpis. If these stayed as 3d it would be helpful, if the E.O.P line needs to be edited the vpis move. I don’t know if this is a whole new offset command or if I need to look in to multi-offset line command.

More information on plane mode. I use to adjust arcs so I do not have to put in grading frame work. Under arc points what are the best settings to use in certain scenarios.

As far as the curb multi offset line or vertical design would be my recommendations.

As you see in a few places we are starting to work with VPIs or 3D nodes - i raised this with our team a few months ago and we are moving towards being able to work with either / or for most things.

The main challenges lie in eg Arcs - if you have a VPI you can still manipulate the arc - if you make it a 3D node you have to split the arc into two arcs making it harder to edit eg with grips and keep a smooth line.

The other elements of linesteings where you can use vertical curves or slopes in / outbof a point - we dont intend to ouch becUse those are important options we feel.

So tools like adjust linestring elevation and takeoff lines (only does 3D nodes now) are the start of this change that we are making to use more 3D nodes to help the issue with VPIs moving after an edit.

The edit - i also want that implemented as well and we will get that done soon I hope.


On the plane question - typically use the from and to stations to limit the rNge over which the plane calc is applied and then typically subdivide the arcs into 4 or 8 nodes to create consistent triangulation or use the arc to chord to optimize the number of points based on radius of curvature and length of the selected lines.

Call me if you have other questions