Add Auto-Advance to Move, Copy, and Rotate for less clicks

I’ve noticed that when I have one object to move, copy, or rotate, or when I have an object selected before I run those commands, I always have to move my mouse out of the model and into the command dialog box and click inside the “From” box to choose the basepoint. It would be ideal to have a checkbox in these commands that would auto-advance from the selection box to the from box so that my mouse could stay in the model. Some prudent use of the tab and enter keys is a work-around but still adds steps and reduces efficiency.

Have you tried smart copy?

Let me kmow

Yes. The default selection when I run the smart copy command seems to be the “Relayer copied objects” checkbox, when I would rather the default would be “Copy from”. Assuming the Smart Copy command has the appropriate settings from previous use, the ideal workflow would be to click the linestring to be copied, click the Smart Copy command, click in the model space for “Copy from”, click in the model space for “Copy to”. If Smart Copy was set up with a keyboard shortcut, the mouse would never move out of the model view. If it is more appropriate to run a command and then make an object selection, then the workflow would change slightly, and the Smart copy command would have to determine that if you already have objects selected, then start with “Copy from” instead of “Objects to copy”. I understand that not everyone is necessarily going to love this method for their copying needs, which is why I think it should be a checkbox option called “Fastcopy” or something. To maximize the workflow even more, it would be swell to be able to use a single keystroke shortcut for commands, such as “c” for copy.

I agree that this could be "Smarter Still

  1. If objects are selected when you start the command - highlight Copy From as the start point - the Elevation Mode may / may not be correct first pass but you can change that and then go to copy from first time - after that it should just work.
  2. Enable Dragging is always On - if you switch it off - leave it off
  3. If no objects selected then go to Select Objects as the start point and then Tab to From and then Tab to To location

For me in 5.90 Relayer is Off unless I turned it on last use in this project
Adjust Elevation remembers the last setting used
Reuse Selection remembers last setting
Dragging does not remember last setting

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