About the TBC - Slipform Paving Work Process category

In this Category, we show how we have addressed the Slipform Paving Workflow for Trimble and non Trimble Machine Control Systems on mainline pavers and curb and gutter machines.

Our work process includes the following commands

Optimize Linestrings - this converts chorded curve lines into arcs and fits vertical curves into profile grade breaks to smooth horizontal linework and vertical profiles to provide optimal 3D curvilinear feature lines for pavement and curb / gutter applications.

Explode Lines - this intelligently explodes curvilinear lines at angle corners that slipform pavers cannot follow.

Extend Lines - this extends 3D lines at grade or at elevation to give slipform pavers a “run in” and “run out” line to follow. Line extensions can be checked for “crossovers” and will be clipped back to avoid these from being created.

Export XML - Exports 3D lines as alignments for use in Leica and Topcon slipform paving machines. The source lines can be linestrings or alignments and will be written directly as alignments (no need for manual conversion) in the LandXML format specifically used by these machines.

Mult-Offset Lines - You can create a multi-offset line template that has an offset line to both left and right side of the source line(s) at 0% cross slope that create a 3D surface ready for Trimble Machine Control systems. The internal corners can be chamfered to create a small / short step over which the corner elevation deltas can be handled. The chamfer line and the internal corner breaklines are created automatically. The multi offset line template can be applied to any number of lines in a single execution - significantly shortening the time to prepare the linework and surfaces for machine control.

Adjust Linestring Elevation - Use the Spot, Plane and Surface modes of adjust linestring elevation command to elevate curb lines, and adjust / elevate curved sections of curb to 3D planes or grading framework surfaces to accurately model the curb and gutter profiles - automatically eliminating sag and crest curves in the resulting curb caused by the linear interpolation between provided elevation points. The curves are elevated with equally spaced nodes, thereby creating better / more accurate surface models that provide finer control to the 3D machine control systems.

Affix Name - allows you to intelligently name the lines and label them for machine operator use so that each line is uniquely named.

These 7 commands will totally change the way that you prepare data for slipform paving operations and will save you significant amounts of time as well as improving the quality and consistency of your machine models.

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Placeholder: We need to add the Affix Name command to this workflow so the surveyors & paving operators can see the names of the lines on their screen.