A Christmas Gift from the RPS Team!

Take a look in your TMLStatus Stocking on Christmas Morning!

Last week we did a Q&A seminar during which we asked the attendees if they could fix one thing in TBC (Trimble Business Center) or the RPS Command Library what would it be?

One response we got was the following, and others on the call were all very vocal that this would be a great little and much needed feature …

“It would be great if in one click I could open the current projects project folder to review reports, find outputs or check / find files that have been imported to the project”

Thanks to Dave Olander from CalTrans for raising the request

Sounds silly that something so simple could be so important - however we had the RPS Gurus build the Project Files command that afternoon, and decided to release it on Christmas Day as a gift to all of our users from Rockpile Solutions - thank you for your support, encouragement, business and friendship - it means so much to me personally and us as a company, that 4 years in we are going strong, that our relationships are building and that so many of you are so positive about what we are achieving together.


The RPS team grew significantly this year, we have added more developers, more marketing and support staff and we are looking forward to another great year in 2024!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year 2024 and enjoy one click access to your Project Files in 2024

This must be the shortest TML Demo Ever!


The Rockpile Solutions Team


Awesome, definitely saves some clicks!

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Awesome! I would always run the export and use browse as a hack. This is short and sweet. Thanks team!

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