3D Linestring not working in Siteworks

I have a straight line Linestring in TBC with multiple break points that represent grade changes (top edge of pier cap). I have placed elevations on each of the horizontal vertices using the edit Linestring command. When i export this line in a .vcl file to Siteworks, Siteworks is not seeing the elevations. This seems to happen randomly from time to time and i cannot figure out why.

The issue is likely that you are creating the z points as VPIs not as 3D nodes (in the hz tab of linestring editor) try using the adjust linestring elevation command in spot mode to elevate the line and use the 3D node option vs VPI and see if that fixes your issue.

If you output the lines as a DXF the dxf will create those locations as 3D nodes - my guess is that you are sending a VCL file and siteworks is converting that into a Cad line and mossing the VPI locations.


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Thank you for the response. My line was created with 3D nodes using the hz tab of the linestring editor. I verified that i did not create VPI’s. What i did notice was that if the linestring contained any node with an undefined elevation (?), Siteworks does not see ANY 3D node on that linestring. It was my understanding that it would interpolate between two known elevations if there was an undefined elevation in between.


lol, .vcl’s. Hate them.

Change your elevation from the hor node to the vertical node. should work fine with the undefined nodes.

If any of your hors will end up undefined use the vertical to elevate the line, leaving hor undefined.

after thinking on it some more - give up elevating in the horizontal tab all together. elevate everything in the vertical tab. I cant think of the last time this has run me baffled in the field. It seems to just always work.

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We just switched to a Worksmanager workflow and ran into the same problem. I found a couple Trimble Community posts:

:rofl: :rofl: Typical Trimble response. VCL’s break when using the comment instruction in Corridor and that was about the response I got in return