Vector PDF or CAD - Use Regroup to Organize Your Data

If you do Small, Medium or Large Site Takeoffs - You Have To Watch This Video … It will save you hours each week - Guaranteed.

In the video below we show the process to use to clean up an imported CAD file or a set of vector PDF lines extracted from a PDF file.

There are many ways to skin the cat, however with a Great Project Template start point and smart use of the Regroup function of TBC - that many people are totally unaware of - you can rip through CAD and PDF data and get it into a good data structure for Takeoff very quickly.

In the video we show

  • Import a PDF Page
  • Place and Scale the PDF Page
  • Extract the PDF Vector Data
  • Organize the extracted data into Existing Source Data and Design Source Data Layer Groups - but keeping the source data layering as it was when it was extracted or imported.
  • Clean the Source Data and deselect data that you do not need
  • Join lines together so that they are ready for Takeoff - Using the RPS Smart Join command
    Relayer the data for Takeoff - into Existing Model and Design Model Data Layers that are already categorized for Takeoff.

Note in this process we split the Design Data in to Data Lines - For Site Improvements i.e. lines that form boundaries for Site Improvements like parking lot pavement or building pad or sidewalk and Data Lines - Not For Site Improvements i.e. Grade Breaks and then also Contours and Grading Limits.

This process - once you have a good Project Template is extremely fast and allows you to get everything ready for Takeoff in less than 30 minutes and allows you to complete the entire takeoff for this small site project in less than an hour.

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