TBC Mini Class - Surface Modeling Basics

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Class Date: April 7th 2021
Class Times: 10:00am to 12:00pm MST (GMT -7)
Class Venue: Online Training

Class Objectives:
The class objectives are to teach attendees everything that they need to know and understand about TBC surface models, and how to make surfaces the most efficient for field uses.

Class Content:
The class will cover the basics of Surface Modeling in Trimble Business Center including

  • Surface Model components - points, point clouds, lines, breaklines, boundaries
  • The role of breaklines in a surface model
  • The role(s) of boundaries in a surface model
  • How linestrings are used in surface models
  • How to control densification along lines for accurate surface models
  • Surface Model Holes and Islands
  • Surface Model Properties
  • Surface Model Editing and clean up
  • Merging Surfaces
  • Contours and Quick Contours
  • Elevation Maps and Elevation Grids
  • Surface to Surface Volume Calculations
  • Stockpile Volume Calculations
  • Surface Slicer

RPS Tools for Surface Modeling including

  • Explode Surface
  • Combine Surfaces
  • Offset Surface
  • Add Isopach
  • Surface Intersection Linestring
  • Surface to Points
  • Surface to Grid
  • Find Surface Area

Class Data

The three zip files below are required for the class. Zip File 1 and Zip File 2 are the most important files. File 3 is larger because it contains Point Cloud and Ortho Photo Data.

The files are zipped using 7Zip. You can download a free version of the 7Zip application from www.7Zip.org.

Please download the files and unzip them to your hard drive in a place that you can easily find with File Explorer.

File 1: Class Overview TBC Mini Class - Surface Modeling Overview.docx (20.2 KB)
File 2: Exercise Data 1 of 3 TBC Mini Class - Surfaces 1 of 3.7z (19.6 MB)
File 3: Exercise Data 2 of 3 TBC Mini Class - Surfaces 2 of 3.7z (4.5 MB)
File 4: Exercise Data 4 of 4 TBC Mini Class - Surfaces 3 of 3.7z (40.5 MB)

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When I click the link to sign up, the site wants me to sign in again. When I attempt to sign in with my RPS e-mail and password, it states " Invalid login attempt"

Am I doing something wrong?

When you register on the website it should send you a confirmation email which you may have missed - as a result your login was not verified and that is I think why you are seeing this. I just set the flag on your account email so I think it should work now.

Let me know if not and I can call you to go through it with you on line


Where will the recorded classes be located? I purchased the 12 series pass the day after the first class and I have not been able to locate the recorded version.


It will be posted today James

Hi Alan,

Where do I find the link for the recording surface modeling class? I can’t seem to find it on this page.


Hey Alex,

I will send you an e-mail in a moment with the link. I sent an e-mail last week to attendees, but got an e-mail yesterday saying the bulk send kicked back from my account! My apologies.



I am trying to find the link for the recorded classses also. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Hi Dane,

On the front page of the community, scroll down until you see “TBC Mini Class Archive”. Each class should show up below that section with a lock icon and the name of the class. Click the one you would like to view, and then click on the class header within the landing page to view the content.

Hope this helps, thanks!

  • Fergus