TBC Mini Class - Point Cloud Modeling

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Class Date: May 12th 2021
Class Times: 10:00am to 12:00pm MST (GMT -7)
Class Venue: Online Training

Class Content

The class will cover:

  • Importing point cloud and ortho image data for projects
  • Point Cloud Regions
  • Month to month survey management of point clouds
  • Cleaning and editing point clouds
  • Surface modeling from point clouds
  • Visualization controls of point clouds
  • Drawing features into point clouds
  • Extracting features and classifying point clouds
  • Variable density modeling of point clouds
  • Using the cutting plane view with point clouds
  • Using the limit box with point clouds
  • Point cloud tips and tricks

Class Data:

TNCO Building 2 Facility: TNCO Building Example.zip (166.9 MB)
Rock Cutting: Rock Cut Example.zip (164.8 MB)
Bridge Deck Example: Bridge 2 (Markings).zip (1.2 GB)

2 Hour Mini Class
Point Cloud Modeling

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