TBC Mini Class - Data Prep Tools for Elevating Linework

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Class Date: June 16th 2021
Class Times: 10:00am to 12:00pm MST (GMT -7)
Class Venue: Online Training

Class Content

CAD and PDF linework is often 2D with elevation information provided in text form, as contours, or as drawing specification details. Users of TBC take this combined information and use it to elevate linework using a variety of means. These elevated lines are then used to build existing or finished grade models for takeoff or field data requirements. This class will cover:

  • How to elevate contours
  • How to elevate building pads
  • How to elevate 3D lines
  • Using the linestring editor to compute elevations using slopes, offsets, and vertical data entry
  • How to elevate lines using Vertical Design and Sideslope tools
  • How to create 3D offset linework Using RPS Slope Designer, Offset Slope, and Slope Slope tools
  • Building 3D models from 3D linework

Override Segment Example - Override Segment Example.zip (140.7 MB)

2 Hour Mini Class
Data Prep Tools for Elevating Linework

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