TBC Mini Class - Coordinate Systems & Site Calibrations

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Class Date: June 2nd 2021
Class Times: 10:00am to 12:00pm MST (GMT -7)
Class Venue: Online Training

Class Content

Site calibrations and coordinate systems are essential for effective GPS operations for projects. This class will teach attendees how to create and manage site calibrations in TBC from Point Pairs and from imported site data. The following elements will be covered:

  • Site Calibrations, what are they, why do you need one, what do they do, how are they computed?
  • Coordinate Systems - do I need one, how is this different to a site calibration?
  • Site Calibration: localization of a coordinate system Grid vs Ground - what is the difference?
  • Geoid Models - when do I need one, how do they help me?
  • Local Site Settings
  • Protecting your site calibrations and control data in TBC
  • Exporting Site Calibrations and Coordinate System information
  • Extending or Changing a Site Calibration mid project - should I do that?
  • Working with Background Imagery and Street Maps
  • Exporting to Google Earth

2 Hour Mini Class
Coordinate Systems & Site Calibrations

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