TBC Master Class - Cross Section Takeoff from CAD and PDF Sources (Sept 2/3 2020)

This TBC Master Class is a 4 hour training that covers the processes involved with cross section takeoff using Vector PDF or CAD Cross Section Files. This class shows how to convert CAD or Vector Linework into 3D models using CAD conversion methods NOT digitizing methods. The class is spread over 2 days with a 2 hour session each day. The class will cover the following

  • An overview of the cross section cleanup and conversion process
  • Practical example from CAD Data
  • Practical example from PDF Data
  • An overview of how to extend the converted data to build 3D surface models for corridors
  • Practical example to build Existing, Finished Grade and Subgrade Models
  • How to build the corridor model from surfaces derived from the cross sections
  • Practical example to build a Corridor Model and Run Corridor Earthworks report
  • CAD / PDF Sections Tips and Tricks
  • Q&A

Class Dates:
September 2nd and September 3rd 2020

Class Times:
10:00am - 12:00pm MDT (US Mountain Time (GMT-7)

Class Cost:
The class costs $100 per attendee. Classes are limited to 50 attendees only on a first come first served basis.

How to Order:
Place your order on the Rockpile Solutions website - Click Here . Payment is made from this page and you will be sent a confirmation email with your registration. The registration will also be added to your Rockpile Solutions User Account under the Training Section.

Class Pre-Requisites:
The document link below provides you with detailed information about the class, and also some preparation steps that we would like you to take prior to the class so that we can maximize the time during the class for training and Q&A. If you have any difficulties, please contact the class leader, Alan Sharp at alan.sharp@rockpilesolutions.com or +1 720 323 0481 for assistance.

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Class Tools:
We request that all attendees have the following

  • Headset and microphone for good audio connection
  • A Good Internet connection
  • Laptop that has been updated with latest Windows Updates
  • Laptop that has been updated with all manufacturers updates (Bios, Drivers etc.)
  • Laptop that has latest Graphics Drivers installed
  • Trimble Business Center v5.30 or higher
  • You will need admin rights to be able to install TMLStatus and the RPS Command Library

The Training will be held using GoTo Meeting. You will be sent the link on registration along with the Access Code for the class. We will start the GoTo Meeting 20 minutes prior to the class so that you have time to login and test your audio / streaming connection, so that you are ready for the class to start at the nominated start time. In that 20 minute period, Alan Sharp will be available by phone (+1 720 323 0481) to help you resolve any issues that may arise.

Class Data:
Please download the zip file of data. The file is zipped with the 7 Zip application. You can normally open the 7 Zip files directly in Windows Explorer by double clicking the downloaded file. Once opened select all of the data folders and copy and paste them into a folder on your Desktop or C:\ Drive. If you cannot open the file for any reason, you can download a free version of 7 Zip from this location.

Click Here

Here is the zip file of data for the class - File 1 of 2 Cross Section Takeoff 1 of 2.7z (138.1 KB)
Here is the zip file of data for the class - File 2 of 2 Cross Section Takeoff 2 of 2.7z (439.3 MB)
Here is the zip file for the Day 3 - PDF Takeoff Workshop Day 3 - PDF Takeoff.7z (109.3 MB)

We look forward to working with you at the class.

Alan Sharp