Surface Modeling 101 - Tips and Tricks

In this video I look at the following

  1. Building Surfaces
  2. Using Breakline Approximation Parameters and Surface Properties
  3. Using Merge Surfaces to merge surfaces
  4. Using Combine Surfaces to make a composite surface from 3 island surfaces
  5. Using TTM Export and Explode on Import
  6. Using RPS Extract Surface Features to Explode a Surface
  7. Point and Line based surfaces and dependent objects (lines to points)
  8. Internal Drapelines and Breaklines - what are they and how to get at them
  9. Building a composite surface from partially overlapping data
  10. Using Linestring Editor, Grips and Insert Line Segment commands to edit breaklines
  11. Surface Edge Breaklines and Surface Boundaries
  12. Adding Breaklines
  13. Using Adjust Flat Triangles property to fix a surface

I then take a look at Dependent Point Objects - creating and editing them to show how they work and what is possible