Stockpile Calculations and Blocks

I had a call with a user today who asked for some help on Surface Modeling, Stockpile Volumes, and we also got into CAD Blocks as a sidebar discussion. He asked if I would record a short video to remind him of the steps - this is the basis for this short video

The video covers

  • Modeling a stockpile where the source data i points only (no lines)
  • Using Shrink Wrap to create a stockpile boundary
  • Using Surface Edge Breakline to create a stockpile boundary
  • Calculating a stockpile volume using the Earthwork Report
  • Creating a base surface and a pile surface
  • Computing volumes between the two surfaces using the Earthwork Report
  • How do the surface properties of Max Edge Length and Max Edge Angle work to constrain a surface
  • Viewing a surface in 3D
  • Viewing a surface slice of the surface(s)

In the latter part of the video I covered CAD Block Basics including

  • What is a block
  • Creating a Block
  • Placing blocks in your model
  • Exploding blocks
  • Using the Block Edit view to edit a block
  • How is a block different to a copy selection of objects

Hopefully you will find this helpful

Video shows you how

Source data used in the video if you want to try it yourself
Homewood Hastings.vcl (181.1 KB)