Sideslopes and Multiple Reference Lines - Did You Know

Michael Caine (A Great British Actor that made it in Hollywood) is famous for saying “Not a lot of people know that!” …

A little known function in TBC with the Sideslope Command is the ability to use the command with multiple Reference Lines. When you create the sideslope object you can select a single Reference Line for use in the template editor, however what most people never realize (and understandably so) is that you can add multiple reference Lines into the Properties of the Sideslope Object (not the Template) by using the SHIFT key when you click on a second or third reference line. They have to be added one at a time (which is terrible UI I know) - but it does work and help.

To be honest if you need to do this, then you can use the corridor model instead because the adding of Reference Lines is way easier in there than it is here - however this is a useful tip to know when you need 2 or more Ref Lines to a Sideslope object. If you want to use the corridor - the main downside is that you have to convert the linestring source into an alignment first before you can use it - it is what it is.

Video Shows You How