Sheet View Elevation Labels

I can’t figure out how to get elevation labels to be called out at the line points in XS Sheet View. I’ve attached a sample of what I’ve created in tbc along with another IDOT Project (which would be the end goal)
Screenshot 2023-02-01 193220

Are the secrions built feomnTIN surfaces or from a corridor model built from Template Instructions?


From Template Instructions, thanks!

You have to use Node Labels to label the nodes - you can enter the names tou want to label as a filter eg CL*,BB*,TIE*,EP* and then those nodes will be labeled using that node label definition.

If you send the file over I can look at it tonight and send you an example back - let me know what node names you used in the template that you want to label.

Our template does this but you may need to add some extra node names to the filter if you use a different naming convention for your instructions.


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Thank you Alan, i had the same issue but i figured it out thanks to this post.