RPS Cut Sheet Report Command

The RPS Cut Sheet Report Command takes any Corridor Model and any Material Layer within that corridor and creates a high quality Cut Sheet Report in Microsoft Excel of any selection of nodes and any selection of values that the users require on the report (Elevation, Offset, Delta Elevation to CL, Cut Fill to a target surface etc.)

The Cut Sheet Report is used by Construction Supervisors working for the DOT / Government Agency or the contractor on Highways and Railways Projects. It allows them to take all of the road information to the field in a report format (in Excel or PDF format).

The video shows you how

Here are some example output files in the “Across” and “Down” formats

Cut Sheet Report - Across Format.xlsx (70.7 KB)
Cut Sheet Report - Down Format.xlsx (65.8 KB)

Here is a sample TBC VCE File that you can use to learn how to use the command

Road Project for Cut Sheet Report.vce (164.7 KB)