My Rockpile Library New User Guide

My Rockpile Library Is Moving

At Rockpile Solutions, we are highly committed to continuously improving the products and services that we offer our user community. We have spent three years developing our Training Program and have amassed a lot of great training content. The time has come to re-organize what we offer to make it simpler, easier and faster to navigate, and to go to a whole new level of content to help you to become a Power User of Trimble Business Center, RPS All Tools and our all new Tracker 3D Platform (coming soon to the Library).

To this end, the MyRockpile Library is moving to a new platform, hosted by Absorb LMS.

New URL Link to MyRockpile Library :

Bookmark this link in your browser for fast and easy access to this new learning experience

Existing Training User Migration

All Season Pass, Mini Pass and Specific Class subscriptions have been moved over to the new platform which went live on November 28th 2022. We are excited about the new platform and all of the benefits it provides to you as users, us as administrators and for the opportunities it creates to take learning up to a whole new level.

Because the existing Retrieve Library is typically “everything we offer” as an existing subscriber you have been enrolled into all available disciplines so that you get access to all of the training materials you had previously in the new system. This is why yesterday you received 6 emails from the new system as your enrollments were automatically activated - we apologize for the lack of warning on that!

Curriculum Based Learning

The new system is more focused on user work processes e.g. Site Takeoff, Site Data Prep, Corridor Takeoff, Corridor Data Prep, Field Operations and New User Development.

The curriculums (groups of sequenced courses) for each Work Process will include everything that the target user type requires, allowing you to find everything that you need in one place.

The curriculums include the New User Development classes, ideal for new users starting out with Trimble Business Center to give you a thorough grounding before you get into the details of your chosen Work Process type.

Each curriculum then has a sequence of classes, that will lead you through all of the key steps and processes required to complete the Work Process e.g. Site Takeoff. As we continue to evolve the new Library, we will be adding more content to provide more use cases and examples, allowing you handle a greater variety of situations / project types.

Transition Support

If you have any questions, please raise a Support Ticket by emailing and we will provide answers to you as quickly as possible.

Why The Change to Absorb LMS

There are many reasons and benefits for the changes that we are making, here are some of them

  1. Improved user activity reporting and ability to provide corporate admins with self reporting ability

  2. The curriculum / course structure suits our Work Process training focus better, allowing us to better organize the training materials for specific types of users and work processes.

  3. The new system provides the ability to deliver a “Custom Portal” for our corporate users. The Custom Portal can be branded, users in the corporation can be split into “Departments” and assigned materials specifically tailored to their use cases, the portal has self administration capability allowing video use to be directed and monitored to assist users in their learning process, reports can be self generated on use metrics etc. facilitating a fast turn around on information generation, and you will also be able to supplement Rockpile Learning materials with your own learning materials as needed.

  4. The administration of subscriptions is more automated, and the eCommerce capabilities of the new system are much stronger than the previous system.

In the short term, the new system needs its own Login which is different to your Trimble ID, however it is email and password based so you can utilize the same credentials as needed. The SSO is lost for the time being, however we hope that in due course we can solve that problem.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing how you like the new system once you get going.

Non-Subscriber Orientation

Subscriber Orientation

Live Training Enrollment


  • How do I create an account?

    Go to, and click Sign Up. You should then fill in the required details to create your account.

  • I am not receiving any emails from the Library

    Make sure that you have white listed the domain in your email settings.

  • Do I use the same login information?

    No, the new Library uses unique login credentials that are independent from your other Rockpile services. For existing subscribers your username will be your email address and you should be prompted to set your password when attempting a login. If this does not occur please use the forgot password option, or reach out to us.