Keying in Total Station Observations for a Traverse or Network

The video below shows you how to key in the observations for a simple traverse or network. This request came from a highways contractor establishing control for a large road project. They had traversed to control points and also measured cross braces to tighten the network and they wanted to compute and adjust the network using TBC.

The video shows a 4 point rectangle traverse where B and A are known coordinates

  • The first setup is at B with backsight to A and foresight to C with cross shot to D
  • The second setup is at C with backsight to B and foresight to D and cross shot to A
  • The third setup is at D with Backsight to C and Foresight to A and cross shot to B
  • The fourth setup is at A with backsight to D and Foresight to B and cross shot to C

The fourth setup closes the loop back to A and provides the maximum network strength with all cross braces measured in both directions.

Video shows how to key in the observations and process a traverse around the 4 outside points.

A second video will be posted on the Network Adjustment Process

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