How To Use and Control The Filter Line Markings Functions

Most of you probably already know about the Filter Line Markings Toggle Switch at the base of the TBC graphics screen and how that can be used to show and hide the elevations of nodes on linework. However fewer of you likely know about the Filter Line Markings Command that can be used in combination with the Filter Line Marking Toggle Switch to limit the line markings to just a few lines that you are working on currently.

In this video we cover the following

Project Settings to manage how and what the line markings display
Support - Options to control the text height and color of line markings
The Filter Line Markings toggle switch
The Filter Line Markings command and how to configure it as a shortcut on CTRL F
How to clear the Filter Line Markings control once set

As a bonus we also show you how we implemented the Filter Line Marking Control in the Takeoff Lines command so that all lines that you create using that command are automatically added to the Filter Line Markings Group