How To Find and Play the TBC Master Class - Training Videos

This video shows you how to locate and play the TBC Master Class Training Videos.

The videos require the following in order to access them

You have to be logged in to the Rockpile Community using the same email address that you used for the training class purchases, or we have to have give the new email address access to the training videos to which you subscribed.
You have to have either paid for an Annual Season Pass or you have to have purchased the training classes individually to be granted access to the videos.

This video shows you where to find the video library - in the Training Archives Section of the Community site. It also shows you how to select the class, access the videos and download a copy of the videos for playback off line.

The videos when downloaded will be in MP4 format and should be playable on Windows Media Player or Windows 10 Movies and TV.

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