How to copy data between Profile Views

This question comes up periodically - how do I copy data from a profile view for one alignment to the profile view for a different alignment?

First you have to understand that a Profile View is linked with a single alignment. The station and elevation information is related to that specific alignment. So when you draw a line in the profile view of one alignment, it is rare that the same data is applicable to a different alignment that has different stationing and a different elevation range. However there are times where you spend time drawing in details of e.g. a Culvert along an alignment which will be “very similar” to a culvert for a different alignment - i.e. you may want to change (move) the Elevation and Station of the lines that you place against the second alignment but otherwise leave the copied data relatively alone otherwise.

So how do we do this?

You have 2 options

Option 1 - Create additional Vertical Alignments for alignment 2 using data from alignment 1

Option 2 - Export lines from the profile view of alignment 1 to DWG, import the DWG into Plan View and then use Copy To Profile command to copy the data from Plan View into the profile View of Alignment 2

Video shows you how