How can I Move a Surface?

This question was asked today - can I move a surface. The problem was that they had large TIN models based on point clouds from multibeam hydrographic survey using HYPACK and they wanted to move the models into the correct locations based on two point pairs to generate a Shift in 3D / 2D and a Rotation.

A surface model can be in two forms

  1. A TIN model only (no source data). This cannot be moved using TBC tools today. You can create an Offset Surface from it using the RPS Offset Surface command, but you cannot shift or rotate it (currently) - we will look to add that capability at some point. If you can convert the surface TIN model into “source data” then you can move the source data and that will move the surface. The RPS Command library has two commands that can help here -

  2. Surface Model that has the TIN but also the source data (points, lines, point cloud etc. This cannot be moved as a surface but if you can move the source data, the surface will also move with the source data because it is a dependent object.

The video shows the methods available today

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