Handling Topsoil Strip in Corridor Earthworks Projects

In the video below we show you how to model Topsoil Stripping for Corridors. The key points covered are

  1. Setting up your Materials for Soil and Topsoil using the Materials and Site Improvement Manager and getting the material properties set correctly for Topsoil and Soil type materials
  2. Creating an Existing and a Strip Surface using the RPS Offset Surface command
  3. Creating the corridor strata model to include Existing and Strip surfaces and having Topsoil below Existing and Soil below Strip surfaces
  4. Creating the corridor model and using a sideslope to define the Cut condition and tying to Existing Surface and defining a sideslope to define the fill condition tying to the strip surface.

With these setup the right way, Topsoil will be stripped and quantified below your fill surfaces.

Video shows you how