Georeferencing and Fitting 2 PDF Sheets Together

This question came up this morning so I captured a video of the entire process to show how to do this

The question was that the user had two PDF pages that join at a match line but when placed / georeferenced you still cannot see one sheet below the other in the overlap zone. When rotated one of the sheets was at ~45 degrees to the other so rectangular clip boundaries are less than perfect to solve the issue of getting the 2 drawings to fit together.

In the video we show

  1. How to import the PDF Pages
  2. Place one of the pages using a know distance (scale bar)
  3. Use an Image boundary to clip the image to the match line
  4. How to georeference the second page to the first page
  5. How to use an image boundary to clip the second page to fit nicely with the first page
  6. How to extract Vector linework from the two pages and how to use selection sets to control linework visibility and how to use those selection sets to clip the linework in the overlap zones and all of the surrounding unwanted data on the sheets