Elevating Utility Lines and Creating Trench Bottom Surfaces

Here is a video that shows how to quickly elevate 2D lines for the inverts of utility lines and then to use the 3D lines as a basis to create the linework and surface models for the bottom of a utility trench.

As a follow on to this video - I was asked how to do this from an imported LandXML file also - In the following video we show how to

  • Draw 2D polylines between pipe ends to create pipe centerlines
  • How to use Advanced Select to select pipes of the same diameter - so you can relayer them by size
  • How to elevate those lines using the pipe data to Pipe Centerline
  • How to adjust the line elevations to base of pipe or trench bottom (allowing for bedding material)

From there the process s the same as the first video above

This is helpful. I normally elevate utility lines and look for conflicts from flow line to flow line. I have a PM that measures off of the plan sheet sectional view. I’m not sure how accurate that is - the view shows the pipe cross perpendicular one above and one below.

If you export the LandXML of a gravity network out of TBC as a .dxf and then bring that dxf back into TBC, you should get the elevated linework of the network at invert as well as some points at the top of structures and some extra nodes that defined the pipe network.