Drafting - How To Plot a Perfect 11x17 Sheet

I had this question this morning - How do I lay out a site drawing on an 11x17 sheet so that it fits perfectly. The user wanted to plot a CF Map but I only had the Design TIN model from them - so I did not have the CF Map - but that can be easily added using the View Filter Definition and applying the View Filter to the Dynaview collection used.

The process involves using a Drafting Template that has your Sheet Layout (Title Box, Borders, Logos etc .on it already, and has a defined space for the drawing to be placed in the sheet. You import that into the project using the Drafting Templates function.

The you use the Create Dynaview Collection command to lay out one or more sheet areas at scale and at the correct orientation on a layer in the Plan View. These will define the area(s) of the drawing that you want to place on the sheets in the Sheet View.

Then you edit the properties of the Sheet Set that you want to print and associate the Dynaview Collection to it as a Boundary Set. Once assigned, you can also select the View Filter that you want o use (this controls the content of the drawing eg Use the My Filter View Filter). You can also assign a drawing grid as well if required.

Now you can right click on the Sheet Set and Build Sheets - this creates one or more drawing sheets (depends on your dynaview collection), and lays the dynaviews out on your defined Sheet Borders in the Sheet View.

Click on the Sheet in Project Explorer that you want to review and right click and select New Sheet View. That will open the Sheet View with the drawing laid out.

Now you can select Pring Plan Set and either Print to a Printer or to a PDF file.

The video shows you how.

Here are the drafting Templates used and referenced in the video if you need them

RPS ANSI Plan Set - All Paper Sizes and Styles - Rev 1.vcl (502.5 KB)

RPS ARCH Plan Set - All Paper Sizes and Styles - Rev 1.vcl (502.1 KB)


Place the downloaded logo and the VCL files in your drafting Templates folder (use the Drafting Templates command to locate the Drafting templates folder on your computer.