Did You Know - Shrink Wrap command works on Point Cloud Regions!

Shrink Wrap command works with Point Cloud Regions - if you select a point cloud region and apply Shrink Wrap to it, it will create you a boundary line. This is a great tool for stockpile work - check out this workflow

  1. Import a stockyard survey point cloud
  2. Do cleanup work on any area of the piles to be analyzed to eliminate unrequired data
  3. Use Point Cloud Processor to reduce the point cloud size by 90%
  4. Use the polygon select to create point cloud regions out of the pile areas, use Create Point Cloud Region to add the selected pile data to a new region e.g. Pile 1, Pile 2 etc. Note that if you create a polygon boundary for each pile rather than using polygon select then you will have the boundary lines for your piles (in 2D) to start off (you can then eliminate step 6 in this process) and use the Point Cloud by Boundary Command to create the point Cloud Regions.
  5. Use Point Cloud Clean Up tools to further eliminate data that is not representative of the ground surface or the pile from each Pile point cloud region.
  6. Now you have all the piles cleaned run the shrink wrap command on each pile to create a 3D boundary - note these 3D boundaries should represent the ground surface outside the pile base
  7. You can make a Ground Surface out of the 3D Boundary lines and a pile surface out of all the Point Cloud Region data
  8. Now run your Earthwork Report on the two surfaces with all the pile boundaries to get a volume on each pile

Hope you like the process