Creating Line Tables On Drawings

How to define and create Line Tables on Drawings.

The Line Table creation process involves the following steps

  • Create the text styles that you want for your Table Text - One for Title, Header and Content that has your preferred Font and Text height defined.
  • Create and define you Table Style for the Line Table. This involves defining the data fields that you want in the table eg Name, Length and Azimuth values. Then you define the Borders for the Table - Layers, Colors and Lineweights for Title, Header and Content areas. Then you define the Text information for Title, Header and Content Text (Text Style, Layer, Color and Justification for each data item)
  • Place the Line Table and select the Lines / Line Segments that you want to populate the values in the Line table
  • Create a rectangle around the line table and use it to create a Dynaview to place a copy of your Line Table on your drawing sheet as a dynamically linked object

Video shows you how

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