Creating a Sheet Layout With Vicinity Map Inset Corner

I went over this with a user last week and it is a good example of a real drawing creation need, and coming up with the right process to be able to execute these fast and easily.

The request was to create an 8.5 x 14 sheet layout, where they could put a 2" x 2" vicinity map inset in the top left corner and have it clear so that it was not filled with information from a standard dynaview - question was what is the right way to set this up as it is something they had to do a lot each month.

The process involves creating the drawing frame that will be used in the plan view at unit size (1"=1’) and making a block out of it so that it can be used over and over in different projects and at different drawing scales e.g. 1"=50’ or 1" = 10’ etc.

The process also involves creating a Plan Set and Sheet Set with Sheet Limits and Sheet Borders that is ready to receive the Dynaview that we create from the drawing frame placed in the plan view around the area of interest.

The block is then placed at scale - if you want a 1" =1’ scale then the block is placed with a scale of 1 and 1 in X and Y. If you want a scale of 50 then you use a scale of 50 in X and Y etc. Once placed, the block can be exploded so that you have a line that can be used as the frame for the Dynaview we are going to create and place in the Sheet Set in the Sheet View.

Once created the block can be used over and over in different projects, you can add the block and the Plan Set / Sheet Set layout to your Project template and then it just takes a few seconds to create the sheets using these simple steps

  • Insert the block in Plan View
  • Explode the block
  • Create a Dynaview from the line frame exploded from the block
  • place the dynaview in the sheet view

Here are the DWG and VCL versions of the Block information if you would like them

8.5 x 14 Dynaview Frame With Inset Corner.dwg (378.4 KB)

8.5 x 14 Dynaview Frame With Inset.vcl (152.2 KB)