Creating a Culvert Plan and Profile Drawing

I was asked how to use TBC to create a Plan and Profile drawing similar to a provided example - which was a schematic section along a Road Centerline that also displayed the culvert detail beneath the road at the crossing location.

This is a quick and dirty video that shows the tools I used to create an Existing Terrain Model, a Road Alignment and Profile along the alignment cutting the Existing Terrain, how I added the detail of the culvert against that by drawing in the Profile View. It also shows how to create Dimensions, Text Labels, Leader Lines and also how to use Hatch Patterns and how to utilize third party hatch patterns for AutoCAD inside TBC from

We then lay out the Plan and Profile drawings using Dynaviews to a Custom Sheet in the Sheet View to lay out the drawings. The video deliberately does not use a preset Drafting template so you can see what to do if you do not have one, if you take the RPS Drafting class you will get example Templates that you can start with and you will learn how to create custom templates and how to use all of the drafting capabilities of TBC.

I hope that the video helps