Creating a 36 x 24 PDF Plot Sheet for a Cut Fill Map

The videos in this post show how to use a Customized Project / Drafting Template to produce a 36 x 24 Plot Sheet of a Cut Fill Map.

The key is to have a good Project Template that has all of the Text Styles, Layers, Layer Groups and Drafting Templates Preset. Once you have that - printing a Single Sheet or Multi Sheet Plan Set is relatively straight forward and can be achieved in a couple of minutes of work.

Placing the Custom Template in the correct Location
In the files that you would receive from us if we build you a custom template, you need to place two of the files in one location - The .VCT Project Template and the .JPG Company Logo files are placed in the folder that is defined in Support - Options - File Locations - Project Templates Folder e.g.

C:\Users\Alan Sharp\AppData\Roaming\Trimble\Trimble Business Center\38.0\

Note that each version of TBC (5.7x, 5.8x, 5.9x) has its own folder (5.8x uses \38, the next version v5.9x will use \39 so you will need to copy your templates to these folders after you update a version of TBC.

The third file (the .VCL file) can be stored anywhere e.g. \Documents\TBC Master\Drafting Templates\ - the location is where TBC looks for your Project Templates when you start a New Project.

Placing the provided files in the correct locations
The video below shows how to place the files in the correct locations

Creating the drawing
The video below shows how to use the Project Template to create a project and load data to create a Cut Fill Map and then use the Drafting Tools to build a drawing and output to a PDF file or Printer.

We hope that this helps