Converting Vector PDF Cross Sections

I created the following two videos for Trimble VDC Group Staff learning how to do Cross Section based Takeoff in TBC for a major project in Cambodia. The two videos address the following subjects

  1. Importing Vector PDF Sheets of Cross Sections
  2. Preparing the Vector PDF data for conversion - this data has the following issues
  3. There are no elevation labels, offset labels or station labels as text in the PDF File only as Polylines that represent the text
  4. There are no Elevation Grid Lines whatsoever
  5. There are no Layers in the PDF File
  6. Much of the provided data ends up on one layer after import making it tricky to sort out
  7. Creating and Labeling a Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  8. Converting the Vector PDF data into 3D Linework
  9. Using the Converted 3D Linework to create Surface Models
  10. Creating a Corridor Model, Material Layers and Materials to compute the earthwork quantities
  11. Running the Corridor Earthwork Report to compute the earthwork quantities

I hope that these training videos assist your learning process for this major productivity enhancement tool for contractors. I see this area as a rapidly growing approach that is way more fun, interesting and rewarding than digitizing cross sections. The toolkit is now very robust and we are building more and more tools in TML to help reduce the time required to process different variants of cross sections encountered,

Video 1 - Importing, Preparing and Converting the Section Data

Video 2 - Creating Surface Models and Corridor Models from the 3D Cross Section Data