Beach Profile Drawing Creation

In this post we show how to add RL 0 (Reduced Level 0) markers / indicators to Beach Profile Survey drawings.

In this process we use commands like Linestring by Station to create the Beach Profile line along design alignments that need to be measured periodically for coastal erosion and environmental impact studies. Once the survey work is completed we then use the Corridor Model approach to create Beach Profile Drawings along each Beach Profile alignment so that we can generate drawings that show the beach profile at different dates along each measured line.

In the video below, we show how to add a 0 elevation point to each beach profile survey line using the VPI at Elevation command. These VPIs then create a node in the beach profile drawing automatically.

We also show how to draw a line between all of the beach profiles through those 0 elevation points / nodes and then add that RL 0 line to the corridors for each profile as a reference line and then add that reference line to the beach profile drawings. We then show how you can annotate those line locations in the beach profile drawings with either Blocks or Text and Leader Lines to complete the process.

Let us know if you have any questions / further requests.

Video shows you how