Another Set of PDF Sections

In the following video we show you how to flip the cross sections which in this case look as follows

The cross sections have no Text (just polylines) and they also have an area of RipRap that needs to be modeled (Top and Bottom of Rip Rap), that doesn’t have linework that is required.

The video shows

  1. How to import the PDF pages
  2. How to separate the Grid Lines using RPS Relayer Command
  3. How to separate the finished grade using RPS Relayer Command
  4. How to use Shrink Wrap command to create a boundary around the RipRap areas
  5. How to elevate the 0 offset grid line and the elevation datum line (to replace the elevation and offset text labels
  6. How to convert the Sheet View sections to 3D linework
  7. How to build a Finished Grade surface model

Note that the Rip Rap in some sections is both above and below the Finished Grade so to model those you will need to create a Rip Rap Top and a Rip Rap bottom surface / section line - you can add both surfaces to the Corridor model for the volume calcs or you can just use the Top - Bottom to get the Rip Rap quantities and then FG - Rip Rap Bottom to get the Finished Grade surface without Rip Rap.

You could also make the FG go up and over tye top of Rip Rap and have the Rip Rap Base as a subgrade surface and that would give you the quantities of Rip Rap and the Earthworks surface needed to work with the OG to get your Earthworks Quantities.

Hope that you find this helpful

Note: that we found a bug in the Shrink Wrap command in the making of this video - when you use the command in the Sheet View it draws the shrink wrap line on the first sheet of the Sheet set not on the sheet that you are working in. We have reported the defect to Trimble.

Video shows you how

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